thomas m.disch dies at 68 작가 디쉬 사망

작가 토마스 M.디쉬가 세상을 떠났다.

Thomas Disch, Novelist, Dies at 68 – Obituary (Obit) –

Locus Online News: Obituary: Thomas M. Disch

어제 본 영화에서처럼 총으로 자살했다고 한다. 유작 The Word of God의 출간을 알리는 글이 “Once a mortal, soon to be in Heaven,” 으로 시작하는구나.


랭포드 David Langford의 앤시블 253호에서 옮긴다.

• Thomas M. Disch (1940-2008), US author and poet who began publishing sf in 1962 and gave us many darkly brilliant short stories and novels, committed suicide on 4 July; he was 68. His finest novels were Camp Concentration (1968), 334 (1972) and On Wings of Song (1979); the latter won the John W. Campbell Memorial Award. Brian Aldiss hailed Disch’s early work thus: ‘A genuine pessimist of a new writer has come along, to delight us with an unadulterated shot of pure bracing gloom.’ John Clute’s SF Encyclopedia entry called him ‘the most respected, least trusted, most envied and least read of all modern first-rank sf writers.’ His solitary Hugo was for the entertainingly contentious The Dreams Our Stuff Is Made Of: How Science Fiction Conquered the World (1998); ‘The Brave Little Toaster’ (1980 F&SF) won a BSFA award and was filmed. I admire his work very much indeed.

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